The 2013 Seasonal Influenza Page

FLUAgain the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention monitor influenza levels throughout the United States, to produce a map indicating the geographical distribution of laboratory diagnosed influenza activity at any given time.  It seems as if a good number of people in BIO230 are ready and waiting for Flu2013, so hopefully we will have few medical absences for the remainder of the term. Early reports are showing somewhat elevated levels in several southern states (Texas, Alabama, and South Carolina, but most other activity is very low to non-existent. Pennsylvania is one of those states where flu does not seem to be reported so far. As always, we will update with weekly reports as the CDC updates the Big Board!

  1. UPDATE! Week of Oct. 26th, 4 states now with “local’ influenza (NV, TX, MS, SC), but Alabama has shifted to “regional”. Maine was the first state at “regional” last year, and it didn’t happen until the first week of November.

  2. UPDATE! Week of Nov. 8th, states up to “local” influenza, adding AK, AR, GA, and KY to the list. Only 5 states reporting “No Activity”–MO, WV, MD, VT, and NH.

  3. UPDATE! Week of Nov. 23, six states at “regional” influenza: UT, TX, KY, AL, MS, Fl. We are now up to 10 states with “localized” reports, and pretty much the rest of the country with “sporadic” disease.

  4. UPDATE! Week of Dec. 7th, a day that will live in infamy: 13 states at “regional” reports of flu, and 18 states with “localized” flu. NH and VT remain “no activity” but I suspect that may be failure to report, as opposed to no one having flu.

  5. Update! Week of Dec. 21st-I have missed an update, and things seem to be changing quickly as a consequence. Ten states, including Pennsylvania are reporting “widespread” influenza. Close to half the country (23 states) reports the next lower level of “regional” disease, and another 11 states report “localized” disease. Only two states (WV and VT) report only “sporadic” disease, however no report is available from North Carolina. Zombies?????

  6. Update! Week of Jan. 11th, there is widespread (the highest level) reported influenza in 40 states. Only AZ, IA, AL, MS, FL, SC, MA, VT, NH have “regional” influenza–the next lower level. Hawaii seems to be the safest, with only “sporadic” influenza at present.

  7. Update! Week of Feb. 1st, the number of states reporting “widespread” influenza has begun to drop, with 28 states at that level, and 18 states now at “regional” disease. Mississippi has dropped to “local” reports of flu. These are lower numbers in comparison to the 2012-13 influenza season at this point in the calendar year, but higher levels than this point in the 2011-12 influenza season.

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