The 2011 Seasonal Influenza Page

Effective 16 October, 2011, the Centers for Disease Control is now updating the regional incidence map for influenza, using data reported by local and state public health offices. We will update this page as the pandemic unfolds on a weekly basis!

First update, October 16 2011: Pennsylvania is in the throes of sporadic influenza.  I’m immune though, because I got my flu shot last week!

  1. Week ending Oct 22: sporadic reports of influenza in 18 states, no report elsewhere.

  2. Ruh-oh! Week ending Nov 5; sporadic influenza reports in 24 states, and our first state turning over to “localized” influenza, then next step up in severity. And it’s my old home, the Commonwealth of Virginia! Go Hoos!

  3. Week ending Nov 18; sporadic influenza reports in 26 states, Virginia incidence has diminished back to “sporadic” influenza, thank goodness!

  4. Week ending Nov 26 (Thanksgiving Week); sporadic flu still in 26 states, but now Massachusetts has jumped up to “localized” influenza.

  5. Week ending Dec. 10: sporadic flu in 30 states, with localized (the next highest level of reporting) in Colorado, Virginia, and Alabama. Where will it be next?

  6. Week ending Dec. 24: only 10 states remain with no reports of influenza. Most of the country reporting “sporadic” influenza cases, and Virginia and Alabama reporting “localized” influenza. Colorado, however, has jumped up in severity to “regional” cases of disease, a jump in severity from the last report! Looks like it is getting serious now folks!

  7. Yikes! First week of 2012 (week ending January 7): only 4 states with no reports of influenza (Oklahoma, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Delaware. Two states report “regional” influenza (Colorado and New Hampshire) and 7 states report “localized” influenza. That means about 20% of the country showing significant reports of flu.

  8. Week ending January 21 (week 3) 2012: almost everybody showing influenza at some level, localized influenza in 8 states, and 4 have moved up to “regional” flu! Safe spots this week are in Oklahoma and Idaho.

  9. Week ending January 28 (week 4); influenza reports in every state now, and 6 states including California (the most populous state) reporting “regional” disease!

  10. Week ending February 4 (week5): California has jumped up to “widespread” influenza, with a total of half the country (22 states) showing “localized” or more severe flu.

  11. Week ending February 11 (week 6): 60% of the country (30 states) with “localized” or more severe influenza. Not me though, I had my shot!

  12. Week ending February 25 (week 8): 80% of the country (40 states) with “localized” or more severe influenza, with 6 states (CA, NV, CO, OK, IL, and VA) with “widespread” disease reports. For some strange reason though, New Jersey is completely blank. What happened to everyone there?

  13. Week ending March 3: 90% of the country with “localized” or higher influenza, and 9 states (CA, NV, CO, KS, OK, MO, IL, VA, and NJ) with “widespread” disease. I guess they were sick in New Jersey last week after all.

  14. Week ending March 10: now up to 14 states with “widespread” influenza. Interestingly, the season seems later, and the severity lighter than last year.

  15. Week ending March 17; 17 states with “widespread” influenza, and only 6 states (ID, AL, NC, VT, NH, and ME) with “localized” or less severe.

  16. Week ending March 31; down to 9 states with “widespread” influenza, and 20 states with levels at “local” or less severe status. Levels of seasonal influenza definitely appear to be diminishing for this year.

  17. Week ending April 14th (week 15 of 2012): Only six states with “widespread” influenza, and now 32 states with “localized” or less severe disease. Still, none of the 50 states have yet to report “No Activity” yet for this year’s flu season, so the risk remains.

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