Morphological Unknown Lab Report

The first unknown lab report will be due during lab the week of October  2nd, 2013. Submission may either be done electronically via Blackboard (preferred) or as a hard copy during lab. I am presenting this recap of the content expectations for the lab report for your information:

  • Title page, including your name and date of the experiment
  • Abstract on it’s own page. Again, the abstract includes a summary of the entire lab report, the introduction and purpose, summarized methods, results, and conclusions of the work done. This page is best done last, after you have written the other sections.
  • Introduction. This section should clearly state the purpose of the lab/problem being addressed, and should include background material relevant to this study. If there is any terminology specific to this exercise, make sure that it is clearly defined, and the Introduction is a good place to do this.
  • Methods. Include a description of the tests that you performed identifying your unknown. The methods should be written in prose form (no bullet point outlines) in sufficient detail that someone else could perform your experiments. Consider handing your lab report to your non-Microbiologist roommate, and see if they understand what you did.
  • Results. Report the results for the tests you performed. It is not sufficient to only present your results in a table. Text must be included to help the reader.
  • Discussion. You need to include at least one figure, your dichotomous key used to identify your unknowns. Present the key, and discuss the logic by which you ran your tests to identify your unknown. Indicate other results you might have collected that support your identification.
  • Works cited.  See this document for Biology Department standard format: LAB_REPORT_FORMAT-Fall_2007

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