Salmonella from government shutdown!


Via io9, a news alert about a huge multistate outbreak due to Salmonella. I’d be snarky in any summary I would put up, but is is unlikely that I would do as good of a job, so I will just refer everyone there. Please go read it! I would say that we can rest easy because the professionals are handling it, but that is not the case today. Wash your hands an extra time.

Update! Via CBSNews, apparently food monitoring workers at the CDC have been called back to work to deal with this. I only hope they will get paid.

Update 2! I have put up a placeholder post for the current flu season. As you might be able to tell, we don’t know how much flu there is, or where it is.


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  1. Martin Nedyalkov

    Why would the government consider CDC employees “non-essential personnel” in the first place? It seems quite ludicrous to limit the personnel of an agency responsible for the safety of Americans.

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