Got my flu shot, did you?

Wearing a band-aid, like a Boss

Wearing a band-aid, like a Boss

The line was about a dozen people deep when I showed up at the Health office on Thursday to get my influenza vaccine. A vaccine against seasonal influenza is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for everyone, except those with certain people including a severe, life-threatening allergy. It is estimated that the risk of an adverse reaction against any influenza vaccine component is less than one reaction per million doses of vaccine , a number which is many orders of magnitude less than the number of people who have a severe complication due to having the flu.

BONUS: In honor of stamping out seasonal flu, I declare a bonus opportunity. Simply comment down below that you got a flu shot and when you got it. If you have a Twitter account, take a selfie of your Influenza Vaccine sheet and post it there with the hashtag #YCPMicro so that I can find it.


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  1. Stefanie Holtzer

    I have an egg allergy so am not able to get a flu shot!

  2. Went home today and got my vaccine with the rest of my family at our family physician!

  3. Brooke Presnell

    At my last visit to the physicians about 3 weeks ago I got my vaccine. However instead of the shot I got the flu mist which is a live virus that is sniffed up the nose. It’s more likely to give one symptoms of the flu but I guess that’s the price i pay to not get a needle stuck in my arm!

  4. I have an appointment scheduled the Tuesday we are on fall break to get my yearly flu shot! 👍💉

  5. Gabrielle Wallace

    On Saturday I got my flu shot at work. I work at a retirement home so it is highly recommended that we get one!

  6. I was really hoping for more selfies in this comment thread

  7. Martin Nedyalkov

    I got mine at York Hospital on September 24! Flu shots keep you and your patients safe!

  8. Robin Singleton

    I got my mine! What type of extra credit do I get?

  9. Courtney Golden

    I got my flu shot on Friday October 4th! Yay

  10. Katrina Stefanik

    Flu shot is scheduled for over fall break on Monday, if not earlier! Pics will be put up when I get my vaccination paper!

  11. My flu shot is scheduled for this Friday!

  12. Stephanie Bresnan

    My flu shot is scheduled to happen on Monday over break! I’ll post a selfie of me and my totally awesome band-aid (and the vaccination papers) once I get the injection.

  13. I got my flu shot on Saturday Oct 5th at the Giant where I work. The pharmacist gives them for free to all Giant employees to encourage everyone to get vaccinated.

  14. Kelley Monaghan

    I got my flu shot over break, when I went to my doctors for a check up!

  15. I got my flu shot from York Hospital, required for any volunteer!

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