2012 Influenza season now underway

Alright flu-fans! Here is a reprint of the my salute to flu 2012. You can get the latest updates by clicking the link over there on the right under “Welcome to Microbiology” and going to “The 2012 Seasonal Influenza Page.” Bookmark it for weekly updates!

It’s the start of the 2012-13 influenza season, and we’re tracking its spread here at BIO230. As always, I’ll bring weekly updates direct from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s seasonal influenza page. The 2011-12 season was relatively mild. I got my flu shot early on, but probably would have gotten by just fine without it, as I didn’t know anyone who had flu last year.  I’ll get a shot again this year, because you never know!

Monitoring for this season actually started with the week ending October 6, 2012, and currently we’ve had 4 weeks of reporting to date. Many suspect cases are sent to the CDC for analysis, but currently only about 6% of those cases actually turn out to be clinically confirmed by laboratory analysis. Sporadic influenza has been reported nationwide, with cases moving from “No activity” in the much of the United States, to some reports of “Localized” influenza or influenza-like illness in just a few states. As of the week ending October 27, 2012, the most consistent reportable influenza comes from Iowa, with 3 weeks running of this level of illness. Pennsylvania reports “Sporadic” influenza for 2 weeks straight.

Update for week ending November 3, 2012! Maine has moved from “localized” to “regional” status, and 8 states with “localized” reports of influenza, including our neighbor New York. Most of the rest of the United States report at least “sporadic” disease, and only 8 states (NV, UT, ND, NE, AR, IL, VA, and VT reporting “no activity.”


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