Yikes! Two years of BIO230 blogging

The cake is the truth!

Oh BIO230, you don’t look a day over two!

This is an update of a posting from last year: October 24th is my anniversary for maintaining this forum as a supplement for the course/personal exercise in writing for myself. During this time, I along with three dozen students have generated almost 160 290 posts on pretty much any topic that happened to be of interest me at the time. It was important to me when I started this project that it would be a two-way mechanism of interaction, and the student comments and participation were of paramount importance.

I’ve had a number of postings that I’ve been particularly fond of over the past year. I have really enjoyed the “House Party” themed reviews of the House TV show, and am very sad to have seen that show go off the air. Although I called Bull$h1t on it periodically, the writers did try to keep at least one foot grounded in reality. I have also enjoyed going off on a bit of a rant occasionally, such as this time when I dropped the “F”-bomb in class, for excellent comedic effect. Student postings have also been very enlightening and fun, for instance this submission from Emily during the Spring 2012 class. And I am particularly proud of my mad ego-surfing skilz, as evidenced by this ode from an admiring student from last year.

So although we’ve hit a milestone, I’m looking forward to the next year and the coming discussions. Keep the comments coming, and if you find something neat about Microbiology in the news you’d like to let everyone know about, write it up and we can talk about it together!


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My name is David Singleton, and I am an Associate Professor of Microbiology at York College of Pennsylvania. My main course is BIO230, a course taken by allied-health students at YCP. Views on this site are my own.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! I hope to see this going on for a long time 🙂

  2. Bonus points if I get this to trend?!

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