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The Justin Bieber: Public Health Catastrophe post the other day generated the largest number of non-Bonus Point bribed comments of any YCPMicro posting to date.  So it occurred to me that combining Justin Bieber with the also-very-popular “zombies” tag, that I could generate the perfect blog posting.  Here you go:

That hair is impeccable! Even with a grub crawling out of his eye.

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  1. This is great!!!! It truly does combine two of my favorite things my hate for Justin Bieber and Zombies. It is also a little disturbing to think of Justin as being one of the undead…I mean can you kill a Zombie that may not have brains up there and just air?

    • I actually think that Vampire Bieber would be far more horrific, as it would allow the younger fans to move on as they pick up the “Twilight” books. Team Justin, indeed!

  2. That is an excellent point…I never read a Twilight book and when I saw the first movie, the only one I saw, I did not understand where all the killing was and why there was so much kissing…Did like SNL’s take on it when Taylor Swift hosted and they did a skit but it was a family of Frankenstein’s!!!!

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