Microbiology: everywhere you look!

Always happy to see Bauman out and around!

Always happy to see students taking their textbook while going to the gym. Well, not into the gym, as that would put you into mortal danger from MRSA from the wrestling mats!

Remember folks, Microbiology is a topic best studied with full engagement. That means that the book needs to come out from the back of the car window at least once a week!

Also, as noted here on the blog last year, laundry poses very little in the way of microbiological risk.

Note added after posting: Dr. Mathur was unclear as to what this was a picture of, so I am clarifying. This is a car that my daughter and I saw last week and this week parked over by Little Run Lodge with my favorite book in the back window.  I recognized the book, not the car, but did have to immortalize the dedication by snapping a photograph.


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  1. This is so funny and hits home with me personally because I usually have either my notes or book at Planet Fitness so I can study between sets. I also like to take it when I go out for family dinner night on Fridays with my family and the waitresses always laugh because I am caught studying while I have a drink with dinner..lol

  2. Update!!!! As of 10 April, book (and gym shorts) have moved!

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