Michael T. Enochs, YCP Nursing Class of 2012

I learned via Facebook today that Michael Enochs lost his battle with glioblastoma multiforme yesterday. He was 21 years old, and had been fighting the cancer for 2 years. I first met Mike when I showed up for BIO230 class the first day of the fall semester in 2009. I had been at YCP for a year at that point, and was starting to get into the groove of pushing the course in the directions that I wanted to go. It was a big class with almost 40 students in it, due to the large enrollment in Nursing from the previous year, and it would have been easy to be just a face in the crowd. Not Mike; he picked a spot about 1 row back, right in the middle of the class, and you could never miss him. Mike wasn’t the leader of the pack with the grades in the course, but he was a strong student, and furthermore I always felt that he approached the class with an incredible amount of intellectual vigor and it served him well. He always asked insightful questions, and brought an energy to the class that carried to the other students and transformed the class.

I was glad have you in that class Mike, and I was also proud to get to know you. You will be missed.


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  1. A great posting … definitely not a rant!

    • Mike would definitely enjoyed a good rant, had I been working on this when he was in class. He was never one to not let you know what his opinion was, and has been the only student in 7 semesters to sign his name on his end-of-semester faculty classroom observation form.

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