House S08EP4 “Risky Business”

"You're not the boss of me. Actually, I guess you are."

On the next episode of House, the team treats a wealthy CEO who mysteriously falls ill. House smells money, and so takes on the patient presumably due to his potential in enabling him to rehire his old team. Meanwhile, Dr. Park has to face a disciplinary board for her surprising punching out of her superior (not House) who had been inappropriate with her. Will we figure out what’s wrong and make everything right in 60 minutes? Let’s find out Monday night at 9!

Well folks, I got busy Monday night helping another professor grade the Bio I lab practicals, which sucked up my whole evening. I’m going to have to wait to watch the episode after releases it from purgatory, which will be next week. However, I did peek at the spoilers on the recap site at Fox. Final diagnosis?  Hyperviscosity syndrome, brought on by excess antibody reactivity with autoantigens. Very timely, because we are covering Immunology right now in BIO230. Hyperviscosity syndrome is initiated by an increase in serum proteins or cells, all resulting in blood that is not of the normal consistency. In this case, the patient had an underlying condition, rheumatoid arthritis, that results in constant inflammation, antibody binding, and complement activation. Treatments are all the same, and was done in this episode as well: plasmapheresis to remove the excess blood components. Basically it’s blood-letting, a technique that fell out of favor for most maladies several hundred years ago. Good thing we don’t forget the classics!


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