Don’t wake sleeping cat

Oliver is resting just a bit right now, before he gets back to studying Microbiology. Enjoy your Break! Click the picture for a special Bonus Opportunity!


About ycpmicro

My name is David Singleton, and I am an Associate Professor of Microbiology at York College of Pennsylvania. My main course is BIO230, a course taken by allied-health students at YCP. Views on this site are my own.

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  1. … I’m a little confused… Is it supposed to be a joke?

  2. I agree with the above comment!

  3. Ah, kids these days! They don’t remember the classics anymore. See here for a definition of “Rick Rolling.” A little childish perhaps, but I am still amused. And if I can persuade a student to comment on the blog in the process, it’s bonus for me!!!!

  4. I had looked up rickroll’d before I posted the comment and I thought “There is no way that Professor Singleton actually did this…” Guess I was proven wrong. Good joke. 🙂

  5. Hahahaha, oh my goodness.

  6. not nice!

  7. Chelsie Winemiller

    You are a genius… Classic. Thanks for the laugh over fall break, do i still get the bonus? ha.

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