House S07EP13 “Two Stories”

Another Monday, another episode of House.  The synopsis promises that this one will have endless amusement opportunities.

House participates in a school’s Career Day and breaks a few rules by sharing explicit medical stories. Waiting outside the principal’s office, he meets two fifth-grade students who assess House’s relationship woes and try to help him understand how his selfish antics get in the way of showing Cuddy how he really feels.

Not much to go on with that description, but I can already imagine that one kid will be saying to House “You’re a poophead,” or something like that. Little kids frequently are masters at getting through the BS of adults. Let’s hope the episode actually gets to talking about medicine and disease, and that this doesn’t remain an episode for the “shippers.” More after the episode airs Monday evening during the review session!

Well, no immediate indication about what the medical mystery is, but the humor content is pretty awesome so far! I loved the little kid asking “What’s a vibrator?” after House spent 5 minutes talking about the minutiae of his daily life.

Now we’re cooking, a guy just coughed up a lung! First guess of the team, squamous cell carcinoma, which detached and came up with the force of coughing. And one of the kids called House a “moron.”  The 12 year old in the family says that 6th graders prefer “idiot,” so I’m guessing that my prediction of “poophead” was a bit off base.

Well, we’re done with tonight’s episode! Let’s recap: first story was about Zack and Colleen, and Zack’s inability to stop being a poophead (sorry.) Zack hit Colleen with a hockey puck, in a blatant attempt to attract attention. Second story was about House and Cuddy, and House’s inability to stop being a poophead. Through an incredible series of machinations, completely designed to be an attempt to attract attention, House gets himself invited to speak at an elementary school’s career day, but this was to some extent misguided as he ended up using a pseudonym once he got there.  So the story of Zack and Colleen was being used as an allegory for House and Cuddy, and if we could just get these two crazy kids together, there might be hope for our protagonists.

What about the guy with bronchitis, who was the actual sick person tonight? The team figures that it was sarcoidosis, which is an inflammation frequently found in the lungs and of unknown etiology. House correctly notes that diagnosis of this is by exclusion, arriving at this diagnosis after everything else (infection or malignancy) has been eliminated. Anti-inflammatories such as corticosterioids will help resolve the symptoms, but many times sarcoidoses will resolve on their own. This patient continues to decline, even with the corticosteroid therapy, so we know at this point that it must be something else. House gets his critical clue while sitting in the principal’s office and see’s a poster for “The Princess and the Pea” on the wall.  House rushes back to the hospital to tell Chase, Foreman, and Masters to prep the patient for exploratory surgery; he has a foreign object lodged in his lung, and House has $100 bet that it’s a pea! At that point, we get to see that House and Cuddy are going to be OK until next week. Who knows if the patient is OK?

BONUS: List one of the movies that House tried to pass off as his exploits to the kids in the class!


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    • That is 3 of the 4 that I heard. Please note for the remaining one, you must ensure that you are as specific as the 5th grader was!

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