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A few new episodes under our collective belts, then repeats through the end of the term. They are new to ycpmicro, so I’ll diligently put an entry up. Monday’s episode is a repeat of the season opener, where we learn what happened to House and Cuddy after their big hookup from last May, and whether the relationship will work. The suspense was killing me over the summer; how about the rest of you?

So the episode starts off with House intercepting Cuddy’s phone, where she is getting a frantic call because the hospital is in danger of losing their Level 1 trauma status as there is only neurosurgeon on staff and he needs to go home. The reason he needs to depart is because he’s got the mystery disease of the week! House promotes Chase to neurosurgeon status (but likely no pay grade increase,) however this cheap ploy doesn’t work.

Sorry folks, it was at this point that we switched over to “How I Met Your Mother.”  Marshall’s in big trouble this week!


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