House S7EP08 “Small Sacrifices”

Intro segment opens with a guy carrying a cross up a hill. Some friends helpfully nail him to the cross, but after he starts vomiting blood, they decide to take him back down. This can’t be good!First diagnosis: Rhodococcus equi, which is primarily a disease of immunocompromised patients and manifests itself with TB-like symptoms. The team decides to eliminate this when several teeth fall out, but then decide to reinstate it when it becomes apparent that the visit from the tooth fairy is due to his severe malnutrition. This doesn’t last long though.

Second diagnosis: Multiple sclerosis, which is not an infectious disease, and left me bored.  A twist halfway through meant that it was actually a highly aggressive form of MS that meant certain death within a very short amount of time, necessitating the administration of embryonic stem cells in an experimental treatment to avert this negative outcome.

Final assessment: Who knows? Stem cell research is highly promising, however there are very few instances of the research actually delivering an outcome like this. In the end, there’s very little to be able to critique from a medical standpoint in this episode, as there was precious little time devoted to the case tonight. Most of the time was spent comparing the men in the episode (House, Wilson, Taub, Foreman, and Chase) in their various relationships. If I wanted that, I’d go watch “Grey’s Anatomy!”


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  1. Seriously, I think you’ve got an angle here with HOUSE…contact the network/show and propose that if they can keep it real, clinical (and educational) from week to week you would be able to use the program as a tool in your classes! They would gain viewers!

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