Saturday: A cat and a dog

Well, as promised last week, here is a picture of one of our dogs. This is Daisy (original name Chelsea) who also came from the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA. Although she looks to be pretty much a Jack Russell, she’s actually pretty much a mix, with terrier and beagle in her in equal measure. We think that she was a hunting kennel reject, where they breed dogs for running outside, drop them off in the wilds, and then the ones that make it back home go onto bigger and better things. Yes, I know that is pretty abhorrent, but it’s worked out well for her, as Daisy much prefers sleeping inside, and so was probably happy when she got picked up to go the shelter, then to our house. As you can see though, there is definitely a ‘pecking order’ when it comes to dinner time. Something a dog just shouldn’t have to put up with, but the cat isn’t really interested in eating the food, just asserting his dominance.

UPDATE:  I was asked about the cat in the picture, who is denying Daisy her dinner so emphatically. Some say he’s wanted by the CIA, and that he sleeps upside down like a bat… all we know is, he’s called the Stig.


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