Remaining Course Schedule: UPDATED

Now that the 4th exam is behind us, we are onto the home stretch. The answer key for exam 4 will be available on Blackboard early afternoon on Monday November 22, and I ought to have the exams graded over break. I am switching the order of the final sets of material around just a little bit. New material following the 4th exam will include:

  • Viruses: Chapter 13
  • Specific viruses: Chapters 24 and 25
  • Additionally, the chapter on Introduction to Genetics (Chapter 7) will be VERY helpful to understand viruses
  • Fungi: Chapter 22
  • Protozoa: Chapter 23 We will not cover this material
  • Background material fungi from Chapter 12 (pages listed in class)

The final exam for this course is cumulative. A significant portion of the final (approximately 40%) will draw on the final series of lectures dealing with our discussion of the final set of pathogenic microorganisms. However, there are a number of topics that I consider of critical importance for which we will be responsible from the first 4 exams.

These will include:

  • Chapter 3 Cell Structure; pp 56-66,72-76,80-85
  • Chapter 4 Microscopy; pp 97-105,108-112
  • Chapter 6 Nutrition; pp 166-172, 176-179, 185-189
  • Chapter 9 Control; pp 258-261, 263-270, 277
  • Chapter 10 Antibiotics; pp 285-299 (understand the mechanisms of drug killing, not specific examples)
  • Chapter 14 Infection; pp 402-416, 418-420, 423
  • Chapter 15, Innate Immunity; pp 436-440, 444-448,451-453
  • Chapter 16, Adaptive Immunity, pp 460, 463-464, 466-471, 482-485
  • Chapter 19 Gr+ bugs; pp 534-543 (Staph & Strep)
  • Chapter 20 Gr- bugs; pp 574-583 (Enterics)

This represents a small proportion of the topics covered this fall, but these are key concepts that we should master in the course. Please contact me if any of these require further explanation.

I will be holding a review session on Saturday December 18th (two days before the final) from 1 to 3:00 PM. The review will be held in LS203 (the Micro lab), which is the most central location I know will be available.  If someone brings a laptop (or we can get one from the Biology cart), we can also do the online review for people who do not want to travel to campus.


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