Election Day

Please make sure you get out and vote today!

Also: scores for exam 3 on Immunology are now posted in Blackboard, along with the answer key. The average for the 3rd exam was 74.5%. There was a total of 53 possible points on the exam, however I calculated the exam percent out of 51 points instead of 53, which meant the high score in the class was 100% (actually 99.9%).  The exam score was then adjusted to reflect the 120 points that go into grade calculations in this course. The score on Blackboard reflects the curved percentage, and points out of 120.


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My name is David Singleton, and I am an Associate Professor of Microbiology at York College of Pennsylvania. My main course is BIO230, a course taken by allied-health students at YCP. Views on this site are my own.

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