We will likely finish the remainder of Chapter 16 (Adaptive Immunology) at the start of class on Monday. I will then introduce some select topics from Chapter 18 (Hypersensitivities and Autoimmune Diseases) for the remainder of class. Although this topic is not directly related to infectious diseases, I feel that it very nicely demonstrates the principle that the power of the immune system needs to be directed at a pathogen, and when it is directed against an inappropriate target, an unfortunate situation is the result. We will cover the four types of hypersensitivities in the first part of the chapter; the Fall 2010 lecture handouts on Blackboard reflect the topics that will be covered and are included in the Chapter 15/16 packet.

Also, we will go on to Chapter 17 (Immunization) next, and will finish that chapter this week. Copies of the slides for Chapter 17 are available within Course Documents in Blackboard.


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