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This announcement only applies to those of you in my lecture sections. I am reviewing the second half of the calendar, along with those concepts I want to cover this term. This will necessitate altering the exam schedule from what was initially indicated on the syllabus. Exam 3 is now scheduled for Monday Nov. 1st (encompassing 7 lectures from the previous exam,) and Exam 4 will be scheduled for either Monday Nov. 22nd or Monday Nov. 29th (either 8 or 9 lectures.) That will leave either 6 or 7 lectures prior to the final, and will spread the exams out more evenly that they are at present.

Although my personal preference would be to have it on the earlier date, I will take student preference for rescheduling Exam 4 into consideration, as the proposed dates will flank Thanksgiving Break. Please indicate your preference by voting on this Surveymonkey link. Final decision of the exam schedule will be made prior to the next exam.


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My name is David Singleton, and I am an Associate Professor of Microbiology at York College of Pennsylvania. My main course is BIO230, a course taken by allied-health students at YCP. Views on this site are my own.

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  1. David Singleton


    FYI: the date prior to T’giving Break is well in the lead.

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